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  • birth!

  • she left!

    she left!
    She left her home to see what is out ther for her!
  • marriage!

    she had married John Owen Dominis! Who became governor of O'ahu and Maui, it was a unhappy marrige:(
  • queen!

    lunalilo was elected but had sadley passed away so gave the throne to lydia!
  • this is the start of war!

    this is the start of war!
    at noon ,the booming of the cannon was heard ; this annouced that liluokalani was heir apparent to the throne of hawii. From that point on, she was refferd as to " crown princess" qith the name liluokalni given to her by her brother.One of heracts as crown princess was to tour the island of O'ahu with her husband,sister and brother in law!
  • americans and europeans!

    americans and europeans!
    A group composed of americans and eruopeans formed a comitte of saftey seeking to overthrown the hawaniian kingdom, depose the queen ,and seek annexation to the united states. As the coup detat was unfodling on 17 january the comitte of saftey expressed concern for saftey and property of americans citizen!
  • protect!

    as more trups came in to hanilulu more people hid in big and bettter homes!
  • give me my throne back!!!!!

    give me my throne back!!!!!
    cleveland propesed to return the throne back to liloukalani if she grante damnesty to was everyone responsible. She intianly refused!and had it controersially reported that she said she would beheaded-she denied!