Water Treatment and Water Delivery Systems

By benp843
  • City water project begins

    Largest city water project starts. It reverses the flow of the chicago river to supply the city with water.
  • Sewage Treatment

    England produces; activated sludge process. The process is bubbleing air throught the sewage.
  • Health Issue

    Boston engineers try to convince lawmakers that sewage was a public health issue.
  • New Catskill Aquaduct

    The New Catskill Aquaduct supplies New York with 500 million gallons of water per day. The aquaduct spands 92 miles long.
  • Use of Process

    Worechester U.K. uses the Activated Sludge Process.
  • Disinfecting Water

    Abel Wiwilman and Linn Enslow experiment with chlorine to dissenfect water, but ended up using sodium hypochlorate (Chlorox)
  • Large Scale Use

    Large scale use of Activated Sludge Process
  • Hardy Cross Method

    The Hardy Cross method is applied. The method consists of pipes and a storage tank that delivers water at a constant pressure.
  • Hover Dam

    The Hover Dam is completed and it supplies water to Nevada and California
  • Delaware Aquaduct

    Delaware Aquaduct is completed it links 19 resevoirs and three lakes and supplies New York City with 580 million gallons of water per day. The aquaduct spans 115 miles long.
  • Desalinization of Sea water

    The country of Kuwatie begins process of desalinization of sea water.
  • Aswan Dam

    The Aswan Dam is constructed in the Nile River. The dam supplies water fotr irrigation, controls floods, and generates hydroelectricity.
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

    The Safe Drinking Water Act is passed by Congress. Its main focas is to protect public health by regulation the nation's public drinking water.
  • Great Lakes Water Quality Agrement

    The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement sighed by both the U.S. and Canada states that the two countries abide by the regulation set by EPA.
  • Bardenpho Process

    In Africa the Bardenpho Process treats wastwater by removing nitrates without chemicals.
  • Ultraviolet Treatment

    The University of California develops the ultraviolet treatment of water.