Water Filtration

  • Microscopes

    Two Dutch spectacle makers invented the microscope which had a big impact on water filtration by being able to see chemicals in water.
  • Sir Francis Bacon

    Sir Francis Bacon experiments and finds ways to desalinize water.
  • La Hire

    French scientist La Hire proposed to the French Academy of Sciences that every household in Paris should have a rainwater cistern and a sand filter.
  • First Water Treatment Plant Made

    The first citywide, municipal water treatment plant was created in Paisley, Scotland.
  • Slow Sand Filters

    Robert Thom invented slow sand filters.
  • Metropolis Water Act of 1852

    A law was passed that required that all water supplied to London be treated by slow sand filtration.
  • Rapid Sand Filtration

    The rapid sand filtration method was introduced in the United States. Rapid sand filtration involved pretreatments, such as coagulation and settling for reducing sediment load on the filter, and charcoal filtration for improving taste and odor.
  • Pollution

    After the Industrial Revolution water around the world became more and more polluted, and new and more sophisticated water treatment systems were being developed to ensure that everybody would have safe and clean water to drink.
  • Clean Water Act in America

    The US Legislature passed the Clean Water Act due to a crisis in the country's water purity.
  • Gerber

    An Arabian chemist called Gerber suggested the use of wick siphons as a way to purify water.
  • Spartan Lawgiver Cup

    A Spartan lawgiver invented a drinking cup that could make mud stick to its side.