Water Droplet timeline

  • Pearl Harbour 1941

    The water droplet is staying close to a ship when suddenly it hears planes. It is the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941 and the droplet is saved from the bombing by evaporation!
  • Evaporation process

    The droplet exaporates and slowly rises while looking down at the terrible horor that was yesterday at pearl harbour.
  • Condensation process

    Water Droplet begins forming in to a cloud after the evaporation process and is linking back together with his comrades.
  • Droplet gets carried away (Begins)

    Water Droplet stops condensation and begins moving with his comrades in the clouds!
  • Water Droplet is carrieed away (Ends)

    Water droplet is over Russia after a 2 year sleep.
  • Precipitation

    Water Droplet falls in to the Tank-filled salient around Kursk, Russia.
  • Kursk

    Aaron the water droplet goes on an adventure after precipitation to try and warn the advancing Russians of the German Counter-Attack.