War Within

By 5poster
  • Captain Mazer comes to the Greens' house for Chanukah

    Captain Mazer comes to the Greens' house for Chanukah
    Joanna, Hannah's sister, invited Captain Mazer (a Yankee soldier) to celebrate Chanukah with them. (Captain Mazer is Jewish, like the Green family.) While he was there, he told them that General Grant's father had a fight with a Jewish buisnessman, and that he got so angry that he wanted all Jews to be put in Tennessee. Hannah also finds out that Joanna and Captain Mazer want to be married.
  • Period: to


  • Hannah goes to her friend's house.

    Hannah went to her friend's house. She and her friends gathered there to plan and decorate for their town's anual ball. Whiel decorating of her friend's mother came and told them that she was going to put alchohol in the punch. She wanted them to serve the Yankees that went there as much punch as possible. The next day, some Confederate soldiers came into town, but the Yankees were to drunk to do anything.
  • The Green's have to move out

    The day after the ball, Confederate soldiers came into town. But then there was an explosion. The Green's house wasn't damaged. Several explosions came after the first one. Then a Lieutenant came to their door and told them they had to get out of their house because they were going to explode the area. The Greens' packed their things and went to their friends' house.
  • The Greens' get robbed

    The Green family owns a shop. The next day, they headed down to the shop and two Yankee soldiers came in and told them all of their goods were to be confiscated.
  • The Green's are forced to go to Tenessee

    The Green's are forced to go to Tenessee
    The Greens' are forced to travel to Tenessee. While in their carriage, a few Yankees stopped them. They told them that they needed their carriage for the injured. They also said it wasn't a choice. They asked what they would do with their things, and the Yankees burned them.
  • The Greens' are caught in an attack

    While walking with Yankee soldiers, the Greens' see them raiding peoples' farms and houses for supplies. While the Yankees are raiding one house, someone attacks them. The Greens' run to find shelter. Joanna and Hannah are forced to help injured Yankee soldiers. Later, a man stops the Greens while they are walking and asks to talk with their slave, Moses. He tries to convice him to run away, and later while the Greens are staying somewhere, he tells them that he's leaving and does that
  • The Greens get help

    Henry, one of Hannah's brothers, found out that they were close to one of the temples. While there, they see one of their friends, who offers to let them stay at their house for the night. While there, Hannah has a fever and passes out.
  • Hannah wakes up

    Hannah wakes up
    Hannah wakes up, and she and her family are on a ship. She then learns that her life was saved by their slave, Jule. Later, they also found out that their father, who was in the war, is on the ship and go and see him. He tells them that they could probably go back to Mississippi, but they would have to build a smaller house.