War of 1812 Timeline; Pronoy

By Pronoy
  • Fort Michilimackinac

    Fort Michilimackinac
    -Patriots won Fort Michilimackinac from Britidh in June 1812
    -British and Natives teamed up and won Fort in July 17, 1812
    -surpise attack with 70 canoes

    -Patriots surrendered without a fight
    -British later built Fort Geogre
  • Fort Detriot

    Fort Detriot
    -June 1812 Hull led army to capture Sandwich
    -retreated in August to their fort in Detriot
    -Brock ambushed Patriots in Detriot
    -Tecumseh helped Brock win Detriot
    -Brock and Tecumseh traded sashes as tokens of friendship
  • The Battle of Queenston Heights

    The Battle of Queenston Heights
    -Patriots attacked Fort Geogre
    -Brock was an easy target and he died
    -General Sheaffe came with his British army and helped
    -British won
    -Patriots forced to retreat