War in the West

  • Bureau of indian Affairs

    Luke Lea declared that American Indians should be "places in positions where they can be controlled,and finally compelled by stern necessity to resort to agricultural labor or starve."
  • Period: to

    Timeline years

  • Indian Country

    Fitzpatrick condemned the notion of a reservation system as "expencive, vicious, and inhumane."
  • Years of Struggle

    U.S. senator told the Indians that the buffalo would soon be gone so "the Indian must change the road his father trod."
  • Little Bighorn

    Treaty of Fort Laramine by sending a army expidition to Black Hills in search for gold.
  • Little Bighorn

    Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and about 600 members of the U.S. Army reached the American Indian Camp.
  • The End of Resistance

    Geronimo fled the reservation with about 75 followers.
  • The End of the Resistance

    Geronimo and more then 130 followers escaped from the reservation and resumed raids on settlements.
  • End of the Resistance

    Geronimo and followers were outnumbered and resulted in Geronimo giving up.
  • The Ghost Dance

    A Skirmish broke out and 14 Indians including Sitting Bull were killed.
  • Wounded Knee

    Army finds Big Foot and some 350 menbers of his group.