War in Europe

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    War in Europe

  • Union With Austria

    Union With Austria
    Hitler targeted Austria first. The once big Autrian-Hungary Empire was reduced to a small nation after World War One. Most of Austria 6 million people wanted unionficatrion with Germany. On this day the Germans marched into Austria unopposed. A day later the "union" was complete. After the unionfication Nazi's began to crack down on Austian Jews. Many Jews were arrested and publicly humilated.
  • Bargaining for the Sudetenland

    Hitler wanted to annex Czechoslovakia in order to expand Germany's borders, and to take control of the important resources they had. Hitler said that the Czechs were abusing Sudeten Germans, he then began sending troops to the Czech border. France and Great Britain promised to protect the Czech people. Hitler declared the annexation of Sudetenland would be the last of his territorial demands. September 30, 1938 the Munich Agreement was signed, giving Germany control over Sudetenland.
  • The Soviet Union Declares Neutrality

    The Soviet Union Declares Neutrality
    Poland began getting invaded by Hitler. People thought Hitler was bluffing because an attack on polandmight bring Germany into a conflict with the soviets.
  • Blitzkrieg in Poland

    Blitzkrieg in Poland
    The German Luftwaffe, German Air Force, flew over Poland. The German rained bombs on the military bases. German tanks invaded Poland as well. On september 3, a couple days after the terror in Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany.
  • The Phony War

    The Phony War
    Months after Poland fell, French and British troops set up a line of fortifications along France's eastern borders, Called Maginot line. Both sides just stared waiting for something to happen. They called this war the "sitting war". on April 9, 1940 Hitler all the sudden invaded Denmark to "protect those countries freedom and independence
  • The Fall of France

    The Fall of France
    Threating to bypass the line while invading Belgium, German troops sent tanks into Ardennes in France. Avoiding the British and French troops, the Germans continued a march towards Paris. Italy later entered the war on the side of Germany and invaded France. On June 22, 1940 Hitler handed the terms of surrender. Germans would occupy the northern part of France.The French general then fled to England. Germany controlled France and its government
  • The Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain
    In the summer of 1940, Germans formed an invasion fleet along the French coast. The Britian naval power couldn't compete so Germany started an air war during the same time. Germanys goal was to gain total control of the skies by destroying the RAF. On a single summer day, 2000 German planes ranged over Britain. On September 15, 1940 the RAF shot down 185 German planes. Germany lost 26 aircraft planes overall