w. Henry - Devoulution

  • quebec/Canada

    The type of devolution in this case is cultural because the French- speaking citizens of Quebec have gained autonomy from Canada is beacuse obviously they speak a different language, and the french captured the land first and should be ruled by theyre own government.
  • U.S/ Great Britain

    U.S/ Great Britain
    The division of the U.S. and Great Britain was because the british empire couldnt economically afford to keep the united states so they granted the U.S independence. Great Britain also gave the U.S independence so we could continue trading and so they wouldnt have to pay for war.
  • soviet union

    soviet union
    the type of devolution is miltary. when joseph stallin took power he led the U.SS.R through industrialization, and established the communist party. Then Nazi Germany invaded russia which then broke the non aggression aggrement that they had together.
  • yugoslavia

    the type of devolution is political. The country of yugoslavia was proclaimed in 1929 and lasted until ww2 Siberia and montenegro agreed to abandon the name yugoslavia and rename it siberia and montenegro. in 2006 the union was disbanded, and the two independent countries were formed.
  • us/puerto rico/ u.s

    us/puerto rico/ u.s
    this type of devolution is political/military. the U.S aquired the philippine islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam as a result of the Spanish- American war in 1898. the United States encountered a struggle with the filipino nationalists in 1899 and defeated them in 1902. The u.s aquired Hawaii by placing tariffs on sugar trade in 1890 and set off a crisis in the islands. But at about the same time, the new hawaiian ruler was coming into power so the u.s overthrew her and took hawaii in as apart of the