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  • Spiral Jetty - sculpture - Robert Smithson

    Spiral Jetty - sculpture - Robert Smithson
    The 1970s featured landscape and environmental art. The Spirl Jetty is considered a landscape art as well as a sculpture. It is made of materials from the earth including mud, salt, and stone.
  • sculpture - Curtis Lee -

    sculpture - Curtis Lee -
    This spiral steel sculpture is representative of the times of the 1970s - steel and hard metals were used as materials for art, spirals being a favored design. The base is powder coated.
  • sunken seating - architecture

    sunken seating - architecture
    Found in homes and malls all across America, the 1970s favored sunken seating areas. The areas are aestetically pleasing and give the illusion of entering another area of the home or structure.
  • eco houses - architecture

    eco houses - architecture
    The 1970s focused on environmental issues, among other topics. Some homes incorpoarated outside living on the inside. Some homes had more lighting and live greeney on the inside and others went with earthy tones throughout the home.
  • Woodrow Wilson - photograph

    Woodrow Wilson - photograph
    Original title - Woodrow Wilson, One of Leaky's Local Characters, in His Pickup. He Never Works, But Sits Staring at the River from 7 A.M until Sunset. This photo has great contrast, lighting, and is pleasant overal. It is indicative of the time, yet has a timeless element regarding the colors and the human spirit.
  • Buffalo on Bell Ranch - photograph

    Buffalo on Bell Ranch - photograph
    This photograph is representative of a time when buffalo roamed the United States, albeit on farms, they were more like cattle and less like deer in small parks like they are today. The rustic photo is beautiful with very little contrast, making the buffalo seem organic to the landscape. Photographer was St. Gil
  • The Princess Bride - literature - William Goldman

    The Princess Bride - literature - William Goldman
    This novel was a best seller and later went on to become a hit movie in 1987. This book has all of the romantic feels to draw readers in. It is a feel-good story about love and fantasy and has enraptured readers and viewers for the last 40 years. It has taken other forms of art such as board games, video games, and a musical.
  • Jungle Boogie - music - Kool and the Gang

    Jungle Boogie - music - Kool and the Gang
    This song has been sampled and used in various different mediums for the last 40 years.
  • World Trade Center - architecture

    World Trade Center - architecture
    The World Trade Center was started in 1973, but it took into the 80s to complete. The buildings were the tallest structures in New York City and the world at the time. They came to represent at capitalist socitey that the United States boasted. The towering twin structures were magnificent and to be rivaled by future buildings throughout the world. They would become infamous for other reasons after 2001.
  • Change - painting - Ewa Partum

    Change - painting - Ewa Partum
    Shunning the concept of "beauty" Ewa Partum starting breaking down stereotypes and gender roles by showing herself as aging and as nude in her works. Her feminist motivation was to show women as humans, not as objects of beauty and to uncover the real beauty in humans.
  • Strip Tease - Orlan

    Strip Tease - Orlan
    Much of the 1970s feminist art included the female body. In an attemtp to desexualize it and expose it, female aritsts often stripped themselves to expose their human traits as well as their sexuality and attempted to make themselves less objectified.
  • Marina Abramovic - performance art

    Marina Abramovic - performance art
    Abramovic stood still for six hours allowing subjects to pose her however they'd like. The idea behind the art was beautiful, but she was molested and posed to have a gun pointing at herself. She ultimately felt threatened and molested, but the idea behind the performance was not indicative of the outcome.
  • Jaws - motion picture

    Jaws - motion picture
    Jaws was not only a hit in the box office, it has inspired a cult following with shark week and other films surrounding the fear of sharks irrationally stalking humans. Jaws launched Stephen spielberg's career and he has gone on to become one of the best producers of all time. The cinemetograpy at the time was cutting edge.
  • Get Up Offa That Thing - music - James Brown

    Get Up Offa That Thing - music - James Brown
    James Brown created the song after watching people sit and listen to music. It depressed him, and he wanted them to feel the music - to get up and dance, so he wrote this song. It would go on to be one of his most popular songs.This driving message is a timeless reminder to live life and enjoy art and the artists who creatie it for us. It exemplifies its time period, but is a song that will be appreciated for generations to come.
  • Stardust Motel - John Baeder - photorealism

    Stardust Motel - John Baeder - photorealism
    This 1977 oil on canvas is very realistic, yet gritty. The duplication of the photo is amazing.The use of color and shading is exemplary
  • We are the Champions - Music - Queen

    We are the Champions - Music - Queen
    This anthem continues today to inspire people and to celebrate victories. It has been referred to as the catchiest song ever.
  • Star Wars - A New Hope - film

    Star Wars - A New Hope - film
    George Lucas's Star Wars cutting edge cinematography launched this series to success well beyond the life of some of the main characters. Movies in the series are still being released almost years after the initial release of this film.
  • Turkey - Judith Linhares - bad painting

    Turkey - Judith Linhares - bad painting
    oil on canvas. rejected modern techniques.freedom of expression
  • One Nation Under a Groove -music - Funkadelic

    One Nation Under a Groove -music -  Funkadelic
    This Funk/Disco song would go on to be Funkadelic's most popular song. It was produced by George Clinton and is representative of music of the time.The beat is represtantive of a time, but the message is timeless, about dealing with your life's issues in a postiive way and coming together as human beings.
  • Time to Save by Audrey Flack - photorealizm

    Time to Save by Audrey Flack - photorealizm
    Oil on canvas representation of objects in real life. Meant to mimic a photograph. The quality is outstanding and the universality can span generations. Although there are a few elements that seem displaced, they are all representative of time in some manner. It takes time to appreciate the aesthetics.
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