Virtual Child

  • 15 Months Old

    15 Months Old
    Charlie demonstrated substage 5 of Piaget's sensorimotor stage (Page 144). When she is in the bath tub she will hold the toy underwater and watch it pop back up to the surface. She experiments by seeing what will happen when she does something, rather than doing it just to do it. She is quite the little scientist!
  • 18 Months Old

    18 Months Old
    Charlie has started to become self aware and uses words like "me" while looking in a mirror. At this rate she is right on track with development for her age (Page 175). She will continue to gain self awareness and eventually will understand how her mind works. Following that will be the emergence of theory of mind and the ability to have empathy for others. But first she has to understand her self and her own capabilities.
  • 3 Years Old: New Sister!

    3 Years Old: New Sister!
    Charlie now has a brand new sister! She is very excited about it and has been anxiously awaiting her arrival. Sometimes she acts like a baby too and regresses and other times she acts like an older sibling. She is starting to demonstrate emotional regulation (Page 264) which is her ability to deal with emotions, specifically negative emotions and increasing her self control. She is turning out to be quite the big sister!
  • Five Years Old: First Day Of School!

    Five Years Old: First Day Of School!
    Today was Charlie's first day of school! She seemed a bit nrevous and was slow to go out on the playground but eventually started playing and laughing with a girl. It could be the start of a friendship as children start to develop friendships and play patterns around this time (254). At first she was demonstarting onlooker play in which she just watched the other kids but now is engaging in cooperative play with this new girl.
  • Six Years Old

    Six Years Old
    Charlie has started reading! She is in stage 1 of development of reading skills (306). She is reading up to second grade level books in first grade. She can now sound out words and is able to identify letters. We started to teach her to read by using the whole-language approach by just providing her with all the materials we could and letting her work at her own pace.
  • Eight Years Old

    Eight Years Old
    Charlie's father and I have been unable to work out our differences and are getting a divorce. At first Charlie seemed nervous and was very clingy which is normal following the trauma of divorce. However she did return back to what seems to be her normal self pretty quickly (342). Her father and I are working on our coparenting as to not make her feel she has to pick a parent and side with them.
  • Twelve Years Old

    Twelve Years Old
    Charlie has started to develop moral principles. She is in the beginning stages of Kholberg and Gilligan's stages of moral development (384-386). She is making decisions based on punishment and rewards at this point in her moral journey. Soon she will make decisions because it is the "right" thing to do.
  • Sixteen Years Old

    Sixteen Years Old
    Charlie has been dating someone for two months and says she is in love, my ex-husband and I are concerned that she is having sex. There are many concerns that go along with having sex. Among the top are pregnancy and STD's (pg 371). There are also emotions that come with having sex that she is not able to handle.
  • Eighteen Years Old

    Eighteen Years Old
    After graduation Charlie has decided to go to art school but will be taking a year off to work and save up some money to help pay for it. Although only a miniority of high school graduates go to college, Charlie will be attending (pg 391). We are not worried that she won't because she has the drive and will to attend. We have high hopes for our little artist!