virtnam war

  • Period: to

    vietnam war

  • communist led by Mao Zedong take power in china

  • korean war begins

  • Dwight D Eisenhower sent millitary advisors to train and arm the south vietnamese army in its fight against the communist

  • John F Kennedy becomes president

  • John F Kennedy was assasinated

  • north korrean gun boats attach american destroyers

  • U.S. combat troops arrive in Da Nang

    U.S. combat troops arrive in Da Nang
  • north vietnam and the vietcong launch the tet offensive

  • president nixon begin the process "virtnamization"

  • president nixon extricates the U.S. from vietnam

  • the paris peace accprds calls and end to fighting and for all foreign troops to be withdrawn from vietnam

  • war ends

  • party leaders follow chinas lead and instituted free market reforms

  • bill clinton lifts the U.S. trade embargo

  • foreign investors pour into vietnam and its economy has boomed