Villisca Murder House

  • Villisca Murders

    Villisca Murders
    The town of Villisca cowared in fear after finding out about what happned in their little town on the cold night of June 10th, 1912. On this night, Josiah B. Moore, Sarah Montgomery (Moore), Herman Moore, Katherine Moore, Boyd and Paul Moore, Lena Gertrude and Ina Stillinger were violently murdered in the Moore's home by a man with an axe.
  • Bodies Found

    Bodies Found
    The neighbor of the family, after realizing that the Moore's had not yet woken up and done their chores got suspicious and knocked on the door. Finding it locked from the inside, she called Mr. Moore's brother. At around 8am the bodies were found.
  • Arrest of Suspect 1- William Mansfeild

    Arrest of Suspect 1- William Mansfeild
    According to Wilkerson, Mansfield was a cocaine fiend and serial killer. Wilkerson also believed Mansfield was responsible for the axe murders of his wife, infant child, father-in law and mother in law in Blue Island, Illinois on July 5, 1914 (2 years after the Villisca murders), the Axe Murders committed in Paola, Kansas, 4 days before Villisca murders and the murders of Jennie Peterson and Jennie Miller in Aurora, Colorado.
  • Arrest Of Suspect 2- Reverend George Jacklin Kelly

    Arrest Of Suspect 2- Reverend George Jacklin Kelly
    Date Unkown: In 1917, Kelly was arrested and charged with the murder of one of the victims of the Villisca Axe Murders. Kelly was invited to attend the Children's Day exercises at the Presbyterian Church on June 9th of 1912. His presence in Villisca on the night of the murders and his subsequent departure in the early morning hours of June 10th made him a prime suspect in the case.