Vikings of the middle ages

  • Dec 20, 1000


    Greenland and Iceland are then converted to christianity by the vikings
    Date= 1000
  • Dec 20, 1001


    Leif eriksson reaches american coast
    date= 1001
  • Dec 20, 1050


    vikings had found the city of Olso in Norway which is established as a major trade center
    Date= 1050
  • vikings

    Viking raiders raided england
    date =793
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    vikings also raid serville which is in spain
  • v

    Vikings which were led by Ragnor travel up seine which is a river in france
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    the Vikings attack constantinople
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    The vikings had found Novgorod in russia
    Date =862
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    Vikings decide to settle in Iceland
    Date= 874
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    The vikings then raid the mediterranian coasts
    Date= 900
  • v

    vikings under Rollo settle in a place called Normandy
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    vikings land in canada