Vietnam War Timeline

By 1637134
  • Domino Theory coined- Eisenhower - inlight of Vietnam

    Domino Theory coined- Eisenhower - inlight of Vietnam
    Eisenhower theorizes that if a country falls to communism, it will have a domino effect on all surrounding countries.
  • Geneva Accords

    Geneva Accords
    The Geneva Accords were signed. France agreed to leave Vietnam
  • Assassination of Diem

    Assassination of Diem
    The USA authorizes the CIA to kill South Vietnam's president Ngô Đình Diệm
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
    A joint resolution that the United States Congress passed in response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident
  • LBJ ordered 1st troops to Vietnam

    LBJ ordered 1st troops to Vietnam
    President Lyndon B. Johnson orders troops to Vietnam to fight communism
  • Kent State shooting

    Kent State shooting
    After President Nixon announced US soldiers would enter Cambodia hundreds of university students began riots. Specifically, in Kent University, the riot was so bad several students were injured and killed
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    A major coordinated offensive launched and directed by the Viet Cong
  • My Lai Massacre

    My Lai Massacre
    USA soldiers massacred civilians, not just the men but the women and children too.
  • Nixon’s Vietnamization policy

    Nixon’s Vietnamization policy
    A policy that would train South Vietnamese soldiers and increase their combat mission while also reducing US soldiers.
  • Nixon sends troops into Cambodia

    Nixon sends troops into Cambodia
    Nixon sends troops into Cambodia to disrupt the Viet Cong supply routes.
  • Hard Hat Riot

    Hard Hat Riot
    hundreds of construction workers and office workers attacked student protesters.
  • Nixon’s Christmas bombing

    Nixon’s Christmas bombing
    During the final stages of the war, Nixon was angered when negotiations between North Vietnam and the USA collapsed and Nixon ordered Operation Linebacker II to carpet bomb North Vietnam
  • Paris Peace Accords

    Paris Peace Accords
    An agreement that ended the war and brought peace to Vietnam
  • War Powers Act

    War Powers Act
    An Act used to prevent the president from initiating/escalating conflicts
  • Saigon Falls

    Saigon Falls
    The Capital of South Vietnam "Saigon" was taken by the Viet Cong.