Vietnam War

By rdse
  • Beginning of the Vietnam War. (Q. 1)

    Beginning of the Vietnam War. (Q. 1)
    The most common explanation for the start of the Vietnam War was Einsehower following the Truman policy of containment, by sending the military into South Vietnam to prevent the spread of communism. The current leader, Ho Chi Minh, was the communist leader of North Vietnam. He appealed to nationalist ideals to unite the country under a single communist government. He was trying to take back the Southern part of Vietnam, which was currently occupied by France. This was closer to 1954 and 1956.
  • US and Soviet Involvement. (Q. 2)

    US and Soviet Involvement. (Q. 2)
    In the 1960s, the US and Soviet Russia began to get involved, obviously with each of them being on the opposing sides. The United States got involved because they wanted to prevent the spread of communism to Vietnam and surrounding countries. Johnson believed in the domino theory, which was the idea that if one country in the region became communist (Vietnam), the other countries would quickly follow(Asian countries). The Soviets aided North Vietnam to assist in spreading communism.
  • Decolonization of Vietnam. (Q. 3)

    Decolonization of Vietnam. (Q. 3)
    As the Vietnam War worsened, American military involvement grew, alongside casualties. American troops were essentially fighting multiple countries at the same time. As far as representing decolonization, the Vietnamese people made the US withdraw from the country, allowing them to fully govern themselves, seeing as North Vietnam managed to conquer South Vietnam. In the 1980s, Vietnam introduced some market-based economic reforms, seemingly abandoning the communist government.