Vietnam War

  • Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh
    Ho Chi Minh comes back into Vietnam creating a new provisional government and declaring them independent from the French.
  • United States Step In

    United States Step In
    The U.S. sends military personal to go train the South Vietnamese to get ready to fight Ho's army.
  • Communists Begin to Mobilize

    Communists Begin to Mobilize
    Norht Communists forces begin to move into South Vietnam. This causes the United States to begin to watch what is happening over there.
  • Vietcong

    The group known as the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam or more commonly known as the vietcong organize.
  • Vice President Johnson Visits Vietnam

    Vice President Johnson Visits Vietnam
    V.P. Lyndon Johnson heads over to Saigon to visit Diem. While over there Johnson states to Diem that Vietnam is very important to the United States.
  • Agent Orange Makes an Apperence

    Agent Orange Makes an Apperence
    In this year the United States Air Force begin to develop and use Agent Orane. Agent Oragne is an acid that eats and destorys any vegatation and was used heavily by the United States during the Vietnam War.
  • Diem

    Diem runs for President of the Republic of Vietnam and wins. Proclaming himself President.
  • President Johnson Gets the Yes

    President Johnson Gets the Yes
    The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, gets the go ahead, stating that the United States is allowed to have an all-out war agianst any nation that posses a threat to the United States. Johnson took this and ran with it, even though he didn't have the Declaration of War fromCongress.
  • Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder
    American boming of North Vietnam. These were bombing raids on selected areas in North Vietnam, that were deemed important to the North.
  • American Soldiers in Vietnam

    American Soldiers in Vietnam
    This was the first American troops to arrive in Vietnam. The first were the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade.
  • First Blood

    First Blood
    Northern Vietnamese contact erups at Ia Drang Valley. United States pull out with a victory, however we suffer casutiles.
  • Protest

    In over 100 college campuses, students gather in for a protest agaisnt the forces in Vietnam. This was nationaly broadcasted.
  • More Men

    More Men
    The total amount of American military personal in Vietnam figures to be around 200,000. More will soon follow.
  • Bombings

    The United States, in an effort to limit the supplies the North were sending to the N.V.A. in South Vietnam bombed the main pass used to transprot goods through.
  • C.O.R.E.

    The Congress of Racial Equality sends a statement out thats says the drafts are directed more towards the poor and the minority groups. This group also supported withdrawal for Vietnam.
  • Cedar Falls

    Cedar Falls
    With a little over 20,000 troops the Americans head out to search and destroy any Vietcong operations near Saigon. While on the search they found a web of tunnels they called the "Iron Triangle." Later on they claimed this to be headquarters of the Vietcong.
  • Not Working

    Not Working
    Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense makes a statement claiming that the bombing raids have not fufilled their purpose and that supplies have not slowed to the N.V.A. in South Vietnam and neither their economy nor their morale has been broken. Speaking about the North Vietnamese.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    The Northern Vietnamese forces attacked unexspectatly and caught the American troops off guard. They captured many cities and Saigon; however, a few short days after this the American forces recaptured most of the areas and was concidered a defeat while at the same time a vitory for the North.
  • Search and Destory

    Search and Destory
    My Lai, a village in South Vietnam is soon over run with American troops. However this was not a friendly vistit, they had orders to "search and destory" and that is exactly what they did. No mercy. When the public catch wind of this, things on the home front turn from bad to worse.
  • Not Again

    Not Again
    President Johnson announces to the public that he will not be running again for re-election. Many believe becasue of the Vietnam war and the heat he was recieving from that along with his popularity decreasing more and more everyday that the United States are over in Vietnam.
  • Peace Talks

    Peace Talks
    North Vietnamese and Americn agree on a loaction for their start of peace talks. They set a date and agree on May 10th.
  • Operation Breakfast

    Operation Breakfast
    When President Nixon took office he sent the green light for secret bombings in Cambodia, nor the public or Congress knew of his actions. To try to limit supplies that the N.V.A. recieved.
  • Peace at Last

    Peace at Last
    President Nixon nagotiates peace talks with the leader of North Vietnam, Le Duc Tho.
  • Done with Vietnam

    Done with Vietnam
    The last American troops are pulled out of Vietnam and flown home. America leaves without a said Victory and didn't accomplish what they had hopped for when they went into Vietnam many many years ago.
  • The Fall of Saigon

    The Fall of Saigon
    The fall of Saigon marked the unaffical end of the Vietnam War. Which ended in a Southern Vietnamese victory. However the entire country of Vietnam was shortly returned to an all communist country.