Vietnam War

By gavin98
  • South Vietnam President visits Australia

    South Vietnam's President Ngo Dinh Diem visits Australia. Prime Minister Menzies reaffirms support.
  • 30 Army Advisers Sent To South Vietnam

    The Minister for Defence (Reginald Townley) announces intention to send 30 army advisers to South Vietnam (SVN).
  • Sergeant William Hacking dies

    Military Advisor Sergeant William Hacking becomes the first Australia to die when his weapon acccidently discharges after being caught in vegetation.
  • Minister for defence

    The Minister for Defence,Shane Partridge announces the AATTV will be increased to 83 advisers.
  • First Australian Killed In Action

    Warrant Officer Class 2, Kevin Conway becomes the first Australian to die as a result of enemy action in South Vietnam
  • Pro war forces in Australia

    A Morgan Gallup Poll finds 56% of those polled were in favour of continuing the war in Vietnam.
  • Protests in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne

    While in Australia, the public community protest against fighting in the Vietnam War, on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Australia increases troops

    Australian PM announces an increase of troops sent to Vietnam by 1700.
  • Harold Holt goes missing

    Prime Minister Harold Holt missing, presumed drowned off Portsea in Victoria. His body is never recovered.
  • My Lai massacre

    Massacre of civilians by US soldiers at My Lai village. At least 450 unarmed people are killed.
  • Cambodia

    US and South Vietnamese troops crossed the border into Cambodia
  • The end of the war for Australia

    Australia closes the fighting in Vietnam, completing withdrawal from Vietnam on ANZAC Day