Vietnam Timeline

  • Vietnam Attack France

    Vietnam Attack France
    This started a war that lasted 55 days and 3,000 french soldiers were killed as a result. This was the beginning of the Vietnam War
  • America Combats the Vietcong

    America Combats the Vietcong
    This consisted of airplane attacks and targeted 1,000 south vietnamese soldiers.
  • Gulf Tonkin Resolution is signed

    Gulf Tonkin Resolution is signed
    The U.S. resolves the Gulf of Tonkin problem, giving President Johnson the power to do whatever he can to defend southeast Asia.
  • Attacks on North Vietnam

    Attacks on North Vietnam
    South Vietnamese attacked the northern section of Vietnam, causeing deep rooted emotional combat.
  • U.S. Planes are attacked

    U.S. Planes are attacked
    The Vietnamese destroy 2 United States Airplanes. There were earlier attacks on barges six hours before, warning the airports.
  • Operation Starlite

    Operation Starlite
    This was the first major battle of the Vietnam war, America won and 700 Vietcong died.
  • Marines are Attacked.

    Marines are Attacked.
    the Marine Base at Khe Sanh was attacked at 5:30 A.M. killing 18 Americans.
  • Americans Attack

    Americans Attack
    American Marines reply to previous attacks with heavy bombing of civilians in North Vietnam. They attack the base at Khe Sanh while americans bomb their forces.
  • America goes on a killing massacre

    America goes on a killing massacre
    by order of the President, the U.S. drops more than 20,000 bombs killing large masses of vietcong.
  • War over for the U.S.

    War over for the U.S.
    After 58,000 American soldiers were killed throughout the war, the last of the american soldiers pull their forces from Vietnam except the military advisors.