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  • US Helps france

    US Helps france
    The us aid france in its war against indochina causing the us to deepen its involvement in the region
  • US sends advisors

    US sends advisors
    The US sends its advisors to south vietnam in order to train its troops
  • Geneva Accords

    Geneva Accords
    Vietnam is split into 2 nations with the goal of voting for reunification under one government but the US and the south refused to hold the election due to the overwhelming support of communism
  • Diem's Assassination

    Diem's Assassination
    Deim was killed in a uprising by the south vietnamese people leading to more destination in vietnam
  • Gulf of tonkin Attacks

    Gulf of tonkin Attacks
    After the US navy attacked vietnam navy bases and the North Vietnam sends torpedo boats to attack the US ships
  • Operation Flaming Dart

    Operation Flaming Dart
    The US began Targeted bombing raid in vietnam in response to the gulf of tonkin incident
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    Operation Rolling Thunder
    The Once limited operation flaming dart became the more sustained and violent operation rolling thunder
  • Attacks on US Bases

    Attacks on US Bases
    The Vietcong begin attacking US air bases in response to the bombing raids being conducted by the USAF
  • US Troops land in Vietnam

    US Troops land in Vietnam
    The US beings deployment of ground troops into Vietnam with the goal of defending their bases from enemy attack
  • US goes on the attack

    US goes on the attack
    The US begins sending its troops of offensive missions in vietnam