Vienna Art Nouveau

  • Klimt enters the Kunstgewer-beschule

    He enters the Kunstgewer-beschule in Vienna, studies under Ferdinand Laufberger and Julius Victor Berger
  • Josef Hoffman was permitted to enroll in the Senior State Commercial and Technical School.

  • Klimt receives the Golden Order Merit

    Klimt receives the Golden Order Merit from hand of Emperor Franz Joseph for his contributions of art
  • Klimt Awarded the Grand Prize of Antwerp

    Awarded the Grand Prize of Antwerp, in 1895, for his decoration of the Esterhazy.
  • Vienna Secession was founded

  • First issue of Ver Sacrum

    The official magazine of the Vienna Secession that consited of designs and artwork in the Art Nouveau style.
  • Vienna Secession building opened

  • Josef Hoffmann Helped to found the Wiener Workshops

  • Weiner Werkstatte is founded

    Founded by secessionists: Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser and banker and collector Fritz Wärndorfer. It is a production community of artists, designers and architects whose first commitment was to design art which would be accessible to everyone. Motto:"Better to work 10 days on one product than to manufacture 10 products in one day."
  • Klimt leaves Vienna Secession

  • Start of WWI marks decline of art nouveau

  • Weiner Werkstatte declared bankruptcy after limited sucess

  • Vienna Secession Building Destroyed

  • Vienna Secession bulding rebuilt

  • Major renvovations of Vienna Secession building