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  • Viejas Locas

    Viejas Locas
    Viejas Locas scored his first recording debut in 1993 participating in a compilation with other bands called `` A Night at the Cave''recording two issues.
  • His first hit

    His first hit
    In 1996 with the hit ``Intoxicado´´ of her first album ``viejas locas´´ , sweeping all rankings
  • His second disc ``Hermanos de sangre´´

    His second disc ``Hermanos de sangre´´
    In August 1997, goes out ``Hermanos de sangre´´ , the second disc of Viejas Locas
  • The ultimate success of the band

    The ultimate success of the band
    In March 1999 he edited the third and final studio album of the band and was the most commercially successful of the band. The hit ``me gustas mucho´´ was high rotation on all radios
  • The last show of Pity Alvarez

    The last show of Pity Alvarez
    In 2000, Alvarez decided to leave the band, performing one last show in La Matanza, without notice
  • Viejas Locas come back

    Viejas Locas come back
    In 2002, presents a new album called ``Especial´´. which contains one unreleased song ``El hombre suburbano´´, which participates in the guitar Pappo.
  • The first dvd of VIejas Locas

    In mid 2003 the DVD is released, which contains a concert recorded live at the stadium, and video clips of the band ifs.
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    Viejas Locas