Victor Vasarely - Father of Op Art

  • Victor Vasarely born in Pecs, Hungary

    Victor Vasarely born in Pecs, Hungary
  • Vasarely entered the Budapest University to study medecine

  • Vasarely began to study art in Podolini-Volkmann Academy

  • Vasarely married his classmate Claire Spinner and moved to Paris

  • Early Figuration - Period of false routes

    Early Figuration - Period of false routes
    L'Echiquier, Oil on board, 641 x 41cm
  • Zebres

    Gouche on Board, 20x36cm
  • Meandras Belle-Isle

    Meandras Belle-Isle
    Period inspired by tiles on the walls of the metro stations of Paris and by the way the ocean's waves shaped the pebbles on Belle-isle-sur-mer beaches
    Oil on Canvas, 150x102cm
  • Plastique Alphabet

    Plastique Alphabet
    Vasarely created an art programming language that consisted of the basic geometric shapes and their variations matched to many different color scales.
    Alphabet VB, Acrylic on canvas, 160x150cm
  • Keple Gestalt

    In this period, Vasarely explored elements of three-dimensional illusions
  • Vega Lep

    Vega Lep
    He experimented with volumes
    Acrylic on canvas, 150x150cm
  • Opening of the first Vasarely museum

    First Vasarely museum opened in Gordes, France
  • Vasarely Died in Paris