Veronica Roth

  • Veronica was born

    Veronica was born
    referenceBorn in Mount Kisco, New York
  • Billborads?

    referenceVeronica Roth was driving from her home in chicago to Minnesota, heading back to her college, she saw an image of someone jumping off a billborad. Thinking to herself "Why would someone do that?" At the time she was taking Psych and was studying treatment of phobias by way of exposure to their fears.
  • Started to write

    Veronica Roth being 21 years old, in college and trying to write Divergent.
  • Graduated from Northwestern University

  • The ARCs of Divergent

    The ARCs of Divergent
    referance The very first advanced reader copies of Divergent arrived at Veronica Roths door. She was so excited and could not believe that her book was actually here and in print!
  • DIVERGENT Dictionary

    Veronica makes a dictionary for her book so that others could understand the many words and meanings of them.
  • The Real Book-to-Film Process + ComicCon Wonderland + Thoughtful Reflections = Movie?

    met with some people in Califorina who would like to make Divergent into a movie.
  • Finished Draft

    Finished Draft
    Finishes her draft for Insurgent
  • Good REads Choose Awards

    Divergent is a nominee in TWO categories Favorite book of 2011 and Young adult fantasy and science fiction
  • Divergents Third week as 1 Best Seller

    Veronica made a post that Divergent was 1 Best Seller for three weeks.
  • Sequel!

    Just recently Insurgent the sequel to Divergent was released!
  • Movie Plans?

    Movie Plans?
    Veronica Roths first book Divergent, accroding to Imdb movies is in the develpment proccess of being made into a movie and is expceted to come out in 2015