Cadillac eldorado brougham

Vehicle Safety - Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

  • First Manufactured

    First Manufactured
    Only 400 were built in 1957. They were expensive, hand-built, limited edition car with luxury features.
  • First Problems

    The car's air suspension showed difficulties that were troublesome in practice. They were replaced with cheaper conventional coil springs.
  • 4th Generation Improvements

    New mechanical items were introduced, featuring "scientifically engineered" drainage systems and shock absorbers.
  • The Re-Stylized and Re-Engineered

    The Cadillac was now equipped with standard equipment such as power brakes, power steering, automatic transmission, outside rearview mirrors, oil filters, and power vent windows.
  • Ahead of it's Time

    The company outfitted the Cadillac with a standard front seat belt, which would be mandated by federal law just five years later in 1968.
  • New Displays

    A fiber-optic "lamp monitor" system proved useful, as it displayed the functionality of the headlamps, parking lamps, tail lamps, brake lights, and turn signals.
  • A Bad Engine

    The lightweight engine used in the Cadillac was replaced due to failure of the intake manifold gasket and aluminium oil pump failure.
  • The End of an Era

    The last Cadillac Eldorado was assembled and donated to the Cadillac Museum