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    VCA Experience

    This is a timeline of many high points I experienced while working at VCA.
  • Mass Removal

    Mass Removal
    The first surgery I saw was a mass removal of a growth on the underbelly of a cat. The srgery went very weel and there were no cimplications.
  • Feoreign Object Removal

    Feoreign Object Removal
    A dog got into the trashcan and ate some foreign objects that for this case, will not be mentioned. It was a long surgery, but very intuitive and fascinating for only my second surgery to watch!
  • Ironic Disaster

    Ironic Disaster
    July 4th, an infamous day for the family picnic. A weiner dog, ironically, ate around 10 hot dogs and was not breathing upon arrival. No surgery, but a stomach pump. I guess you really are what you eat!!
  • Scooby Dooby Don't

    Scooby Dooby Don't
    A massive great dane was brought in that was suffering from Major Arthritis in its legs and hips. It reqired the entire staff to help lift the back legs and allow mobility.
  • Lassie

    A border collie was rushed in after being bit by a rattlesnake twice in its nose. The venom was quickly removed, and a strict dose of constant antibiotics was administered.
  • Aye Chihuahua

    Aye Chihuahua
    A small chihuahua was hit by a car and rushed in to VCA. The dog underwent numerous X-Rays and was placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for many days. Eventually making a full recovery, the chihuahua was restricted to inside activities only!
  • Rat Poison is for Rats!

    Rat Poison is for Rats!
    Another small breed of dog, known as the Pomeranian, got into a box of rat poison. When brought in, the dog was lethargic, hypoglemic, and coughing up whatever blood it still had left. (ACTUAL PICTURE OF DOG)
  • Dental Hygiene for Pets

    Dental Hygiene for Pets
    I saw my first two dental patients this september morning. The first was just a cleaning, but the second, a cat got an infected tooth pulled. I recorded charts for each one for the first time too!
  • PUPPIES!!!

    Every tuesday at VCA, there is a set time known as the puppy and kitten clinic where litters of puppies and kittens are brought in to get required shots. This was the biggest puppy day yet, not to mention the cutest!
  • Christmas Miracle

    Christmas Miracle
    My corgi, Blaze, in his old age, devleoped type two diabetes. His liver was enlarged to three times its normal size, a dead giveaway. the Vets at VCA worked a miracle and brought him to health just before Christmas. He now receives two insulin shots a day as a supplement to his strict diet. I am forever grateful of the Vets for saving his life! (PICTUE OF BLAZE and I- age 5 months)
  • Bad Dog Sitting

    Bad Dog Sitting
    A family, while on vacation, had their dog fall victim to an attack from a nother dog. The sitters did not notice the swelling and infection until it seemed like it was too late. However, the skilled team of vets at VCA cleaned the wounds thoroughly, and flushed each wound with antisepctics. On top of all these strict proceedures, high doeses of antibiotics and pain medicine were administered at a constant rate. The dog is doing well now, having almost made a full recovery.
  • GDV in a GSD

    GDV in a GSD
    Common in larger breeds of dogs, in this case a german shepherd, GDV (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus) occurs. the stomach fills with air and flips over, trapping the air inside. A GSD came in and was trwated with the best medical care. Sadly, this dog came in too late and could not be revived. :(