Varg vikernes

Varg Vikernes of Burzum

  • Birth of Burzum

    One of the most influential Black Metal bands was formed on; September 16th of 1991. Burzum fronted by a man named 'Varg Vikernes." All though Varg has been playing music since 1988,Burzum was never really a thought in his mind until 1991.
  • Burzum starts recording

    Burzum starts recording
    Burzum started recording on begger's night. (Probably to give Burzum a darker background which Varg would soon not need.)
  • Church burnings

    Varg Vikernes was supposedly involved in three church burning. No exact date has been given of when the church arsons happened.
  • Self titled album

    Self titled album
    Varg would release Burzum's first album in 1992. This album gained Burzum a considerable amount of attention in the black metal scene!
  • Joining "Mayhem" and death of Euronymous

    Joining "Mayhem" and death of Euronymous
    Varg would soon join forces with another big black metal band but darkness would hover over Varg's new band. Euronymous was killed brutally by Varg!
  • Murder of Euronymous

    Varg would stab Mayhem's guitarist a astonishing 23 times! Varg was sentenced to 21 years in prison for this murder an Arson of three churches. Varg still to this day states he killed Euronymous in self defense.
  • Sentenced to prison.

    Varg would soon be thrown into prison in which his one man band was put to a hault. That is in him preforming black metal. You see, Varg would put out just two electronic albums during his time in prison. Also, Varg wrote some books after joing "The Heathen Front."
  • Parol and revamp of Burzum.

    Parol and revamp of Burzum.
    Varg after serving 15 years was released on parol. Thus, allowing Mr.Vikernes to return to Burzum's black metal sound! Varg now has basically generated almost a "Cult following" all over the world. Many people have tried to follow in his footsteps. So much as burning churches. (Which Varg is most infamous for.)