Wagons history

Utah's History

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    Utah's History

  • Pioneers arrive in Utah

    Pioneers arrive in Utah
    Brigham Young and the 1st mormon wagon train enter into the Salt Lake Valley
  • Deseret News

    Deseret News
    In June 15th, 1850 Salt Lake's Deseret news started
  • Golden spike

    Golden spike
    On may 10th, 1869 the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads join in Utah. A ceremony was held
  • Poland Act

    Poland Act
    made it legal to prosecute Mormons for polygamy. . . (i actually couldn't find what day. I only could find the month and year therefore I put the 1st day of the month. I don't know when it actually happened. sorry)
  • Edmunds Tucker act

    Edmunds Tucker act
    The Edmunds Tucker act was passed
  • Stathood Started

    Stathood Started
    Utah Became a State
  • Scofield Mine disaster

    Scofield Mine disaster
    Over 200 died
  • State Flower

    State Flower
    State Legislature approves of state flower