Utah - Influenza

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  • "Motion Picture Films Held Up by Flu Spread"

    "Motion Picture Films Held Up by Flu Spread"
    Via telegram, it was reported that the National Association of Motion Picture Industry decided to postpone releasing new films to exhibitors from October 13 to November 9 in order to keep the flu from further spreading. Going to the movies was, and still is, a social event, so closing theatres and delaying release dates would theoretically lessen the chances of the flu and lessen the "labors of health boards."
  • "Ward Teaching is Discontinued"

    "Ward Teaching is Discontinued"
    In a brief article from the Ogden Daily Standard, it was reported that Ward teaching in Weber Stake was discontinued indefinitely by the stake presidency "due to the prevalence of influenza." Just as movie-going is a social activity, church goers were risking their health by attending; this is especially dangerous for younger and older attendants as their health status is more vulnerable.
  • "Brides Masked and 'Kissless,' Beatty Decrees

    "Brides Masked and 'Kissless,' Beatty Decrees
    Even weddings are not off-limits from the flu. Dr. Beatty, the state health commissioner, decreed that all guests and the bride and groom were to wear protective masks, if weddings were to be held at all during the health crisis. The article detailed that any incident of saliva exchange, including KISSING, is an exchange of the influenza virus. The flu continues to be an enemy of nuptials: Link text
  • "Face Masks Must be Worn by Those Afflicted"

    "Face Masks Must be Worn by Those Afflicted"
    It was mandated that every person in Utah to wear a face mask. Instructions were provided in the article regarding how large the mask should be made: 18" by 24", folded four times evenly. One could substitute the gauze with three thicknesses of cheese cloth, or one could use a handkerchief in an emergency. This method lessened the passing of germs from one person to another, and it is a method still utilized to this day when some communicable diseases arise. (Ogden Daily Standard)
  • "Homes Where Influenza Has Appeared to be Placarded, by Order of Health Board"

    Caregivers were hard to come by. It was determined that any home that had experienced a case of influenza was to be marked in order to eliminate any unnecessary passing of the disease. Readers were assured that if they followed appropriate safeguards, which were simple procedures, they had nothing to worry about. By wearing masks, washing and disinfecting hands, & boiling the dishes used by the patient, those who came in contact with the sick would be protecting themselves as best they could.
  • "Influenza Now Reported Waning"

    In an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, it was reported that 28 new cases of influenza were reported and three deaths occurred. Numbers in patients had decreased enough that the Red Cross emergency hospital was considering closing up shop. A ban placed on public assemblages was to be lifted as well. It appears that limiting the opportunities for social gatherings aided in decreasing new cases.
  • "Ban Soon to be Lifted at Provo"

    It was expected that all influenza quarantine and restrictions in Utah county would be raised at the end of December (27th).