Slc 1890

Utah History Timeline

By laceea
  • Dominguez and Escalante

    Dominguez and Escalante
    Fathers Dominguez and Escalante explore Utah. They traveled as far North as Utah Valley and made a map and documented their findings. Their findings are the earliest written documentation that tells us what Utah was like in the past.
  • Jim Bridger "Discovers" the Great Salt Lake

    Jim Bridger "Discovers" the Great Salt Lake
    (Month and day unknown, but percieved the end of 1824) Bridger is the first white man to discover the Great Salt Lake and thinks it's part of the Pacific Ocean because of its saltiness. Because of his discovery, this leads many mountain men to the area to trap and establish trading posts.
  • First Band of Mormon Pioneers Enter Salt Lake Valley

    First Band of Mormon Pioneers Enter Salt Lake Valley
    The first groups of Mormon settlers arrive in the SL valley and settle. They are led by Brigham Young who says, "This is the place", signifying their new home.
  • Utah Territory Organized

    Utah Territory Organized
    As a result of the 1850 Compromise, Utah became a territory and included land from what is now Nevada,Wyoming, and Colorado.
  • Utah War Ends

    Utah War Ends
    (Start date is unknown, but sometime in the fall of 1857)
    Pres. Buchannan sends Alfred Cummings to replace Brigham Young as governor. Mormons distrust the federal government's actions and delay the army and desert Salt Lake. In exchange for apology from the U.S., Mormons move back into the SL area and accept Cummings as their territorial governor and allow troops to be stationed in Camp Floyd.
  • Transcontinental Telegraph Completed in Utah

    Transcontinental Telegraph Completed in Utah
    This connected the East and West coast to news and information happening across the country. The last telegraph posts were installed in Utah.
  • American Civil War Begins

    American Civil War Begins
    Although most Mormons were against the practice of slavery, Brigham Young advises Mormons to stay out of the war.
  • Transcontinental Railroad Completed

    Transcontinental Railroad Completed
    Promontory Point, Utah: Transporation was connected across the country, increasing speed of trade and immigration.
  • 1890 Manifesto

    1890 Manifesto
    The LDS church announces it will no longer practice polygamy. This is essential to Utah becoming a state.
  • Utah Granted Statehood

    Utah Granted Statehood
    Utah is officially deemed the 45th state of the union. Granted by President Grover Cleveland.