us.history 2

  • The start of Paris peace

    The start of Paris peace
    The start of Paris peace negotiations
  • Assassnation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Assassnation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Assassination started World War 1.
  • Treaty of Trianon is signed

    Treaty of Trianon is signed
    The treaty of Trianon is signed.
  • Adolfh Hitler

    Adolfh Hitler
    Adolf Hitler became ruler of Germany workers
  • Apointed prime minister

    He is the prime mintester of italy
  • President Harding dies

    he was the german economic cris and he died
  • Calvin coolidge

    he got elected president
  • A.philip Randolph organizes

    He organizes the brotherhood of sleeping car
  • British labors

    They declare a general strike
  • The first Academy

    They are awards and are presdented
  • Army officers lead

    josphe Uribru sizes control of the governmmet of Argentina
  • janes Addams

    shares the nobel Peace Prize
  • Treaty of Aggression

    Russia and fineland sign the treaty of no war aggression treaty
  • Bonus Army

    They arive in washington d.c
  • The childern of holocaust

    The childern of holocaust
    The methods of children's euthanasia were developed between February and May 1939. First, the physicians and Nazi officials registered their potential victims. Thus, registration forms, called Meldebogen, collected data from midwifes and physicians reporting all infants born with specific medical conditions. The first killings of children in special wards by overdoses of poison and medicaments already occurred in October 1939. Recalcitrant parents who attempted to remove their children from the
  • Stalin

    Stalin asked for coalition against Hitler.
  • General council

    General council
    Germany creates general council for war ecomomy under Goering.
  • President Roosevelt

    President Roosevelt
    President Roosevelt tells his dismay to King Leopold of Belgium
  • Fight in North Africa

    Fight in North Africa
    After succecssively fighting in north Africa British troops were sent to east Africa.
  • germany

    Germany attacks the Soviet Union Jun 22 1941
  • The United States

    The United States enterd world war 2 after the attack on pearl harbor
  • United Nations

    United Nations
    26 nations sign Decleration of the United NationS.
  • germany and japan

    Germany and Japan suffer defeats at Stalingrad el Alamein, and midway in 1942
  • Day Raid

    Day Raid
    Day raid on Saint Nazaire beginning of series of raids on Ruhr.
  • Opening Day

    Opening Day
    Opening of 4 day air attack on Japanese convoy pf New Guinea.
  • Flying over Germany

    Flying over Germany
    US P-38 Lightening and P-47 Thunderbolt long -range fighters flying over Germany.
  • Ecuador's war with Germany

    Ecuador's war with Germany
    Ecuador goes to war with Germany
  • the german instrument

    The german instrument of surrender signed 1945 it was may 7-8
  • Kmikaze

    Heavy " kmikaze" on the USA Landing fleet on it's way to Gulf Lingayen.
  • Period: to


  • adolf

    Adolf Eichmann on trial for role in Holocaust
  • berlin wall

    first person killed crossing the berlin wall
  • JFK

    John F Kenedy got assainated
  • civil rights act

    civil rights act
    the civil rights act was passed by the congres on this day
  • ferdinand

    he becomes president of the philipens