Pearlharborattack 1


  • Hitler Appointed Chancellor

    Hitler Appointed Chancellor
    Hitler appointed Chancellor but the vice chancellor Franz von Papen was going to push him aside thinking nothing of him for many other chancelors said that they were going to fix the economy. Papen was actually going to run the gov. himself but Hitler prevailed over them and soon began to take more control over Germany than they had bargined for.
  • Invasion of Ethiopia

    Italy attacks and everyone does nothing but watch it be atacked. Emporer of Ethiopia is forced to flee as the Itlains attack.
  • Spanish Civil War

    Spanish Civil War
    Nationalists rebel against Democracy
  • The Rape of Nanjing

    The Rape of Nanjing
    Between 250,000 and 300,000 were killed. Japan won against China and took control over much of China.
  • France and Britain Declare War on Germany

    France and Britain Declare War on Germany
    announced after Poland is invaded by Germany. war cabonate of 9 was soon held
  • Roosevelt wins 3rd Term

    Roosevelt wins 3rd Term
    Is inuagerated for third term and tries to slowly get Americans out of isolationism.
  • Hitler Invades France

    Hitler Invades France
    French build forts along French-German Boreder. germany comes through Belgium and French/small British force tries to hold them off with a stiff resistance. Germany pushes them back to Dunkirk Port and all 300,000 men were put onto ships and sent to Britain to fight another day. Paris then surrenders and Hitler takes a tour of France.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan air strikes American fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Brings Americans into WW2 even though the original intent was to keep America out. Attack consisted of 2 airial waves of 353 arcrafts luanched from 6 aircraft carriers.Sank 4 American battleships and damaged 4 more. Also sank 3 Cruisers,3 Destoyers,and 1 Minelayer. Destroyed 188 aircrafts and caused personal losses of 2,402 killed.