USB timeline

Timeline created by Kristian W
  • The Society for Human Rights

    In 1924, A man named Henry Gerber had made this organization called "The Society for Human Rights". It was made in Chicago, and was the first ever organization that supported LGBTQ
  • The Mattachine Society

    In 1950, a man named Harry Hay had made The Mattachine Society. Along with The Society for Human Rights, it was one of the first sustained gay rights organization in the United States. The Society had focused on support for homosexuals.
  • Homosexuality=Crime

    In April, 1952, the Psychiatric Association had diagnosed homosexuality a "Sociopathic Personality Disturbance.
  • Banning Homosexuals

    On April 27,1953 former President Dwight D signed an exclusive contract that BANS Homosexual/gay people from working for the government. He says that gay people are a "security risk".