• Proclamation of 1763

    This proclamation did not allow colonist to settle west of the Appalachin Mountins. The British government feared the conflict between colonists and Native Americans would lead to another war. They also could not afford to pay the British troops to defend the Western lands. Colonists were enraged by this proclamation because they felt they had won the right to settle in the Ohio River Valley after after winning the French and Indian War.
  • Period: to

    Road to Revolutin

  • Quartering Act

    The quartering act of 1765 is when the colonist's had to take care of the soilders whenever thay wanted to show up at the colonist's house. Thecolonist's had to not only provid a room for the soilders but also food. The bad part was that the colonists still had to pay for tax.
  • Stamp Act

    Parliament passed the stamp act in 1765. The stamp act is the act when all commecial documents had to have a stamp on them. The stamp on the document had been taxed and approved. This act appies to colonists and merchants.
  • Townshed Act

    To raise revenue guess what act parliament passed.The townshed act is when glass, paint, lead, tea, and other goods were taxed. The british used the rights of assistance to demand the towmshed act.
  • Tea Act/ Boston Tea Party

    With the townshed act reapealed the tea act was passed. The tea act is the act that give Britin control over American tea trade and the still had tax on tea. This act made the colonial merchat shippers angry. The boston tea party is proof that colonist didn't agree with taxation om tea. During the boston tes psrty the colonists dressed up as native americans borded the ship with teas and dumped it overboard.
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord

    In the year 1775around 700 British troops came marching up to Lexington and incountered 70 militiamen. We don't who started the war but it was known as the shot heard from around the world.8 militiamen were found dead. After the British troops were found marching to Concord to destroy supplies. The militiamen and minutemen ganged up and attacked the British troops.
  • Olive Branch Pettition

    After the battle bunker hill there was alot of people killed. So the olive branch petition was like a peace permit. Many times the king had denied it. Until finally it was accepted and the British sent more troops and german merchants bringing them down to their knees begging for forgivness.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The declaration of independence is a proclamation that was passed by colonists. this was a resolution of independence passed by the colonists and the and the colonies.