• great awakening and engliment

    the great awakening was something that swept though thr colonist
    and it changed coloiol culture by they bthoiught it would change the whole culture. Jonathen edweards was one of the best known preachers ands terrifed listerners.Geeorge was someone who drew many people with sermons.
  • Geroge washington

    He was the first presendent of the united states and was the commander of the colontiol army
  • james madison

    wa sa american statestman and polictal theorist
  • french indian war

    decided which natuion to control the norhthern anmdeastern parts of north america and there was a war between the british and french. The british won the battle
  • sugar art

    its also known as the american revenue or act
  • stamp act

    required all legal and a commercial documents stamp act law that required all lotion document that a tax had been paid
  • townshend acts

    it wa a parliament that had to passed town. it is law that placed taxes on various goods brought into the colonies
  • boston massacre

    when british solodigers opened fire on coloniests open fire obn coloniests hecked a brituish cenrury
  • boston tea party

    it gave them all freedom
  • intoloerable acts

    they boarded the 3 ships
  • american revoulition

    great britian won and gained there independence in the battle
  • declaration of independence

    it was a statement that the contioniol congress made to have freedom
  • common sense

    has a big place in moderen politics
  • battle of trenton

    it took place during the american revoulion
  • valley foge

    george washington spent most of his time hear during the war
  • articles of co federatgion

    was an agrement betweebn the 13 founding states
  • battle of saratoga

    it decided the fate of british
  • battle of yorktown

    it was a war with the british americans and french
  • federalis and antifederalists

    had to approve the constiution
  • treaty of paris

    the treaty of paris ended the revoulentary war
  • proclamation of 1763

    it forbaded colonies to settle west of the appilcations its an agrereemnt
  • treaty of paris

    ended the american revoulaterany when they signed
  • shays rebillion

    anti tax protest by farmers
  • great compromise

    was a agremment that large states meet small states
  • lord cornwalls

    Fought in battles he fought against the americans
  • consituiion

    they used the three branches
  • bill of rights

    is a grouop of laws
  • second coltinental congress

    its ameeeitng of delicants in philedalpha
  • battle of lexingfton and concord

    the british soldiegers and american coloniets started theb begin of american revoultion