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Timeline Mason Gardner

  • write of assistance

    write of assistance
    parliament need revenues, taxes are now enforced, colonists started smuggling in goods, and George Grenville authorized the writ of assistance to search people and houses for stolen and smuggled goods.
  • Stamp act

    Stamp act
    colonists sent a message saying that they could tax themselves
  • The sugar act

    The sugar act
    Greenville lowered the tax on molasses hoping to stop smugglers. new laws violated colonist
  • Townshend act

    Townshend act
    parliament town shed act on important good before they came to the colonies
  • boston massacre

    boston massacre
    the colonists were on the brick of rebellion and the war sent from the red coats. on march 5, 1770 the fight broke down. troops got shot and three died, two injured. Krispus attackus was the first killed in the Boston massacre.
  • boston tea party

    boston tea party
    on December 16 1773, colonists dressed as natives and at 12 am they went to a red coat supply ship and dumped 342 chests of tea overboard.
  • the intolerable act

    the intolerable act
    laws that were passed by the British parliament in 1774 after the Boston tea party
  • Meeting in philidalphia

    Meeting in philidalphia
    in September 1774, 55 delegates gathered there in Philadelphia. Patrick Henry wanted the 13 colonies to write in firm resistance to britain. Patrick Henry to spoken of colonial rights.
  • Fight in lexington

    Fight in lexington
    the battle in Lexington and concord was the first military engagement in the american revelation the colonists would use gorilla warfare, where they take a shot and then run away to avoid getting shot
  • The british surrender at yorktown

    The british general charles had over 8000 soldiers and was outgunned and forced to surrender
  • American and british battle at saratoga

    This was the end of the Saratoga campaign and this battle ended up in an American victories
  • Articles of confederation

    The articles was a process of government that failed terribly because the states were all against it while they tried making laws.
  • State constitutions

    This is the states saying that they want to make a new government and the states didn't have to sign, some did others didn't
  • Manumision

    This was an act against slavery and to stop slaves from slaves being imported all over the world
  • Winter at valley forge

    The American soldiers had to stay here during the cold winter. It was a very harsh winter and some soldiers had no shoes or socks and get frostbite
  • Spain declares war on britain

    Spain declares war against britain and has Americans as allies for the war
  • John paul jones and serepis

    John paul jones was one of the great leaders of the battles of serepis
  • Britain captures Charlestown

    A major british victory and fight between britain and the colonies
  • Surrender at Yorktown

    Americans are beating the british by alot and the british decided to surrender
  • Plans for first fed tax

    This was their first form of taxes on the british government and their own colonies to help pay off debts and pay back Americans
  • Treaty of paris

    The treaty of paris is why the american revolutionary war ended
  • Spain closes lower Mississippi river to Americans

    Spain did this so they could make the mississippi rivera boundary for the colonies so the American western settlers could use it
  • Shays rebellion

    This was a crisis about debt that all the governments had that was to help the government to get rid of taxes on the goods that were imported
  • Land ordinance 1785

    A law that made surveys legal and allowed to sell lands in the north of the Ohio river. It was a 6 by 6 land area
  • ordinance of 1785

    ordinance of 1785
    the ordinance was taken by the united states congress of the confederation it was on may 20, 1785. It was set up as standard system once settlers purchased titles for their farmland in the west
  • Northwest land ordinances

    Made a single northwestern territory. Lands of the ohio river were divided into 3-5 sections of space.
  • Convention

    This event was to help decide how to govern the colonies
  • Signing the constitution

    This is when all the colonies decide to sign a treaty to agree to this government
  • new hampshire ratifies con

    new hampshire ratifies con
    on June 21 1788 New Hampshire was the ninth state to agree to the new constitution making Virginia and New York to agree after New Hampshire and North Carolina in November 1789
  • New Hampshire ratifies the constitution

    They were at the last state to ratify the constitution to confirm it
  • Land act of 1800

    This gave people the opportunity to buy land in the northwest territories directly from their government