US Russian Relations

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    US Russian Relations

  • USSR Born

    USSR Born
    The USSR is established and Russia is the biggest contributer by far.
  • Lend-Lease

    President F.D.R gives millions of dollars to Russia and other countries to help fight off Nazi Germany
  • Cold War Begins

    Cold War Begins
    A struggle over whom would be the first to build and constructe nucueler weaponary.
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    Who would be the first to enter space? The U.S. thought they were far ahead of Russia technologicaly, but the Russians launched "Sputnik" the first man-made aircraft
  • Space Cooporation

    Space Cooporation
    The U.S. and Russia link their spacecrafts in orbit around Earth.
  • Miracle on Ice

    Miracle on Ice
    The U.S. Olympic mens Ice Hockey team beats Russia's with a spectacular goal
  • War on Words

    War on Words
    President Regan began calling the Soviet Union as "Evil Empire."
  • Near Breakthrough

    Near Breakthrough
    President Ronald Reagen and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev met at the summit in Reykjavik and negotiated to eliminate all nuculear weapons, the confrence broke through.
  • USSR's End

    USSR's End
    Soviet Union is broken up and is replaced with 15 seperate countries.
  • Space Cooperation Continues

    Space Cooperation Continues
    Russian and the United States' continue to help one another in the outer space
  • Treaty

    Bush unexpectedly backs out of the "Anti-Ballistic Missle Treaty" signed by the countries in 1972
  • Poland Controversy

    Poland Controversy
    The United States draws Russian protests when they say they want to build an Anit-Ballistic Missile Defence system in Poland
  • Conflict in Sout Ossetia

    Conflict in Sout Ossetia
    A violent military conflict between Russia and Georgia shows a gap in the U.S.-Russian relations