Us history ww1

  • Assination of archduke

    Assination of archduke
    a: while in a parade in Bosiana a Serbian nationalist of the group of the black hand named Gavrilo Princip asseniated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife The Heirs of the Austria-Hungary It brought a political tool saying that we would stay out of European conflicts
  • ww1 starts

    ww1 starts
    After the assiantion of archduke Franz Feradain the Austro-Hungarian government declare war on Serbia then Russia declarer war Austria-Hungary then Germany declarer on war on russai then France declare war on Germany
    the out brake of war lead to the US polition using the war as poetical tool and the us market had the large new customer
  • Germany invaders Belgium leading the British Empire to declare war

    Germany invaders Belgium leading the British Empire to declare war
    The Border of Germany to France with heavy formication and Germany cant waste time taking them so they invade Belgium to get around Britain delcare war on Germany for breaking Neutrality
    fur to this event the US deciares its neutrality
  • Lustaina Sunk by U-boats

    Lustaina Sunk by U-boats
    German U-boats Sink the Lusitania killing 128 Americans Publics opinion switches more against Germany
  • Sinking of the France IV passenger liner

    Sinking of the France IV passenger liner
    A German U-boat sinks the the France IV killings more us citizens and this was a cilivan cruise liner so many Americans saw nether other then German aggression
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Zimmerman Telegram
    Germany seeing that the Us was more likely to join the war They send a telegrams to Mexico Asking them to invade the us however Britain intercept it and a weak later it reaches the us this the final straw
  • US Declares war on Germany

    US Declares war on Germany
    Due to constant threats by the Germans President Woodrow Wisconsin ask congress to delcare war on Germany
  • Frist Us Troops Land in Europe

    Frist Us Troops Land in Europe
    us troops arrive in France I'm not rarely sure what else to put here
  • WW1 ends

    WW1 ends
    On the 11 hour on The 11 day of the 11 month ww1 came to and end
    Germany under a naval blockade led the German Kiser to abdicate the new German government realizing they couldn't win against the allies the American war economy now brought an ecumenic boom
  • Treaty of Verses

    Treaty of Verses
    after the surrender of Germany the allies take 11% Germany land have to pay huge reapportions and could have a modern army
    the us not wanting anther world war make a new government for diplomacies called the league of nations however congress deliced to joining this leuge the us with drew back into isltionation