Us History Timeline

  • The typewriter

    This person made the first typewriter. The typewriter was a good invention next to the light bulb. The creator of the typewriter is Christopher Sholes.
  • Telephone

    First telephone was made in 1876. The telephone was made by Alexander Graham Bell. Was made for contacting people far away easier.
  • Women's right act

    Mary Harris Jones fought the law with other women for equal rights with the men. Same pay, equal work, and an child labor.
  • Railroad cars

    George M. Pullman was one of many people making sleepers and more railroad cars. The railroad is a good thing because it got us from east to west and west to east. Railroad was also a lot faster then horses.
  • Queen Lilluokalanl

    Lil was queen of Hawiia. We throw the quuen off her thron. U.S. did that because she abused her powers.
  • Assassination

    After McKinley was assassinated the people of U.S got worried. We had to elecite new person for president to run the U.S. Theodore Roosevelt became president after a ling elecition.
  • Panama Canal

    After long talks and contracts with some states we got ready to make Panama Canal. In making the canal U.S had long labor and hoping it works. 1914 the Panama Canal opened and becomes well known.
  • Assassination

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Bosnian capital Sarajevo. He was killed by Gavrilo Princip. He was a Black Hand member.
  • Einstein

    Albert proposed a general theory of relativity. He came from Germany to U.S.A.. Good thing his ship was not set back or we would not have e-mc squared.
  • Citizenship

    After 24 years of Hawiia became a nation of U.S we got another member. We got this new country by helping fight there war. This country is called Puerto Rico
  • Debating war

    The congress and representatives debated to go to war or not. One person said no for the reason of standing by her country. The person was the first lady in the congress named Jeannette.
  • Laws

    Nineteenth Amendment gave women rights to vote. Women got the right to go to work and all that other stuff. So the government let women have the other rights to vote for presedent.
  • Period: to

    The Roaring 20's

  • Time

    The first "Time" magizine was made in 1923. Know
  • Geat gankster

    Al Capone was one of the best ganksters of his time. He had 100 milion of dollars in his name and never paid taxes. His longest arest for 11 years.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

  • Hoover Dam

    The dam took 4 years to make. The pt in 4erson said he would finish 6 but finished in 4 years. I took the workes lives where taken in the process.
  • Hitler took power

    Hitler took advange of the depression to get rid of the Jews. He got power from people and the Nazi party. He ruled 10 years before WW2.
  • Dust Storm

    The farms became so unuseible that people lost crops. In 1938 a great wind picked up and picked up all the soil in the farm lands. Then the wind went from south to north and caused a lot of trouble.
  • Training Nazi fighters

    German was training their army. They trained by fighting the Poland with the new fighting way. It worked because it took about a week and before anyone could do anything.
  • US joins war

    The US joins the was during the middle of iit. Also they make a law "cash-and-carry". This law reads that people can buy guns from the US but it has to by in cash and they have to get it.
  • Period: to


  • Final Solution

    High officials got together at Berlin and thought what to do to kill all the Jews. They wants a fast clean way to kill them all so allies couldn't find out what happened. The officials thought of gasing them all.