• Peace Treaty ends Revolutionary War

    Ends the war so there is no more fighting.
  • First ice cream made commercially in NYC

    Started the selling business industry and also probably started Americans on eating ice cream all the time.
  • Death of George Washington

    George Washington died of a head illness that caused a lot of pain to the head, the night went on, it became worse as they gave him drastic remedies that made his head worse.
  • Dynomite Patented

    Alfred Nobel patented dynamite, Brought a whole new type of weapon and sparetime fun.
  • Woman can vote

    The 19th ammendment gives women the right to vote. This is important because it was the start of women actually having something to stand for.
  • First McDonald's opened

    Started the easy access of fast food.
  • US declares war against Japan

    Important because it was a big war and alot of people died.
  • Period: to

    Internet and cellphones revolutionize communication

    People have more access and higher technology.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

    Killed alot of people and started with more security.
  • Iraq War

    Had a big impact because alot of people died and it affected people in South Dakota cuz alot of people had to go fight in it.
  • Barack Obama becomes president

    It is important because Obama was the first black president.