US History Revolutionary Thinking

By Kendalc
  • Bacon- Not the Fried Stuff You Get From a Piggy....

    Nathaniel Bacon led a group of colonists from Virgiia, eastward in search of justice.
  • A School of Fish

    Harvord Ministors founded Yale Colledge in New Haven
  • Smokey wouldn't Approve!

    John Edwards lights the fire that signals the begining of the Great Awakening.
  • Is US Weekly Can Do It, Why Couldn't He?

    Peter Zenger was accused of libel (saying mean things about the government). He was a political Newspaper printer and a large part in sparking debate on wether the colonies should be free
  • Twist that V, dot that I, curl that c, t,o, r, y VICTORY!

    Zenger's trial becomes viral and he ends up getting a lawyer, Andrew Hamilton. Not just any lawyer though, Hamilton was the most famous colonial lawyer. He ends up helping Zenger win the case!
  • The longest 7 years... ever :(

    Beginning of the 7 years war.
  • Even Superman Can't Solve This Problem

    Smuggling was HUGE and about 700,000 British pounds per year were illegally taken to America
  • Barbera Wasn't the Only One Who Wanted People to Stop Raining On Her Parade!

    The navigation Act and the Mollasses Act are in play as attempts by the King to stop international trade.
  • The Beginning of a Bloody Brilliant Battle

    Boston Massacre. Bostonites antagonise the british troops forcing them to fire into an unarmed crowd, kiling five men and children.
  • Even Too Mad For The Hatter

    Boston Tes Party. In protest of the tea act, colonists dress up as Native Americans and dump British tea into the Boston Harbor.