US History II

  • First US Radio Station

    First US Radio Station
    KDKA was the first radio station to ever get their license.
  • Band-Aid

    Invented by Earle Dickson as a convinient dressing with adhesive tape.
  • The Convertible

    The Convertible
    Invented by Ben P Ellerbeck as the first practicle retractable hardtop vehicle
  • Traffic Signal

    Traffic Signal
    Invented by Garret Morgan after he saw two vehicles crash into each other.
  • Automatic Wash

    Automatic Wash
    Invented by John Harwood as the first wrist watch a self widing mechanism.
  • Imstant Camera

    Imstant Camera
    Invented by Samuel Shlafrack with self developing film.
  • Loud Speaker System

    Loud Speaker System
    Invented by Chester Rice and Edward Kellogg
  • Television

    Invented by John Logie Baird
  • Bread Slicer

    Bread Slicer
    The first automatic commercial bread slicing machine, invented by an american inventor and engineer Otto Frederick Rohwedder
  • Electric Razor

    Electric Razor
    Invented by Jacob Schick, was a convient way of shaving that did not require the use of water and shaving cream