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  • The Treaty of Versaillies Signed

    The Treaty of Versaillies Signed
    The peace treaty to end the war between The Allied Powers and Germany. In the Treaty Germany had to take responability for the damages and losses that they caused during the war. The other countries also had to sign similar parts as well.
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    World War 1

    The most deadliest conflict in history between 2 alliances. The Allies{ United kingdom, France, and the Russian Empire} and the Central powers{ Austria-Hungary and Germany}. The war was mainly a fight for territoy,political, and economic reasons. 7 million civilions and 9 million combatants were killed as result of the ending of the war. The US joined the war because they were suppying the allies and wanted to contribute more to the fighting.
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    Treaty of Versaillies leading to ww2

    Germany was put to blame that ww1 was their fault. They didnt see it as only their fault but were forced to sign the treaty anyways. The Allies also threatened Germany if they didnt sign the treaty the Allies would invade Germany. The Treaty took most of Germany's land and limited them in war. Forcing Germany to go into their own depression. The Treaty led to the rise of Adolf Hitler.
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    The Great Depression

    The worldwide longest economic downfall. Began at October 29, 1929 and ended around the end of World War 2. The fall of stock prices on September 4,1929 and the stock market crash on October 29, 1929 caused The Great Depression. Jobs like heavy industries, farmers,miners,and loggers suffered the worst in The Great Depression. Most countries had to make political upheaval to help push the jobs in the right directions again. While some created relief programs.
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    The Great Depression leading to ww2

    With scarce land left from The Great Depression. Germany wanted the soil for military purposes. Western Europe and US were facing economic problems and fascism.
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    World War 2

    A global war between the 2 alliances. The Allies{Great Britian,France,Poland,South Africa,Canada,and New Zealand} and The Axis{Soviet Union and the Western powers}.