US History

  • Miagration

    The people would miagrate north to explore. This is important because some people these days still miagrate north.
  • Slavery Issue

    They would have kids and adults as slaves to do stuff for them. This is important because they would have people as hostage and now there are not as many people like that.
  • The great depression 1

    There were not a lot of jobs and people were poor. This event is important because we had people who starved and had not much money and we have a lot more money now.
  • World War 2

    The pearl harbor got bombed by the nazis. I was important because we had a day for it and we won that war.
  • Twin Towers 3

    The Twin Towers fell and the Pentogan was hit too. This was important because we honor the people who died and we can make another one.