U.S. History

  • Proclamation Of 1763

  • Period: to

    Road To Revolution

  • Quartering Act

    The Quartering Act was a law passed by parliament in 1765, cost saving measuring for the colonies
  • Stamp Act

    a 1765 law passed by parliament that required all legal and commercial documents, was a new kind of tax for colonies
  • Townshend Act

    a series of laws passed by parliament in 1767 that suspended New Yorks assembley,
    Mew agreed to provide housing for the troops
  • Tea Act and the Boston act

    The Tea Act was placed on tax on tea was the reason of theBoston Tea party occured
  • Olive Branch Petition

    A document drafted and sent to London was made in July 1775
    it was called the Olive Branch Petition
  • Battles Of Lexington, Concord

    These where the first battles of the revoluntinary war it happened at April 19 at Lexington 700 british troops armed and 70 militamen
  • Declaration Of Independance

    The Declaration had Benjamin Franklin and others and was the proclmation of Independance