U.S. History

  • Proclamation of 1763

    This proclamation did notm allow colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. The British government feared the conflict to pay British troops to defend the western lands. Colonist were enraged by this proclamation because they felt they had won the right to settle in the Ohio River Vally after winning the French and Indian War
  • Period: to

    road to revolution

  • Quartering act of 1765

    The Quartering act was passed in 1765 by the parliment.This act started that requierd the colonies to house and suply Brithish soilders
  • Stampt Act of 1765

    the colonist meat the stampt act all together for the first time at New York. the stamp act is law passes by parliament that required all legal and commercial documents to carry an offical stamp showing a tax had been paid
  • Town Shed Act of 1767

    The town shed act was passed to rice revenue. piaces duites or important taxes on glass, paint, lead, tea, and other goods. the British use writes of assistance to enforce acts. colonist felt it violate their natural rights, life, Samuel Adams, orgonized boycott or britis goods
  • Tea Act and Boston Tea Party of 1773

    When parliamants passed the tea act is gave Britain control over American tea trade and still had to pay tax on tea. i maid the colonis angrey. the colonist proptested against the tea act. the sons of liberty orginized the protest know as Bosten tea paerty, they distroyed 342 chests of tea.
  • Battle of Lexigton and Concord of 1775

    The battles of legsigton and concord where the first battles in the Revolutionary War of 1775, in Massachusette.
  • Olive Branch Petition of 1775

    Americans sent olive branch petition to British kings. It asked the king to restore harmony between Britian and colonies, the king rejected. they hierd German soliders to fight in America. Washington trians colonial army, aprove the plane to invade Qubec leader Bendict Arnold, colonial army failed to defeat British in Qubec
  • Declaration of Independance of 1776

    In 1776, a document maid by colonies called the Declaratin of Independice was wich colonies declair Independence from Britain. parliament had pased this document.