us history

  • proclamation of 1763

    This proclamation did not allow colonists to settle west of the appalachian mountains. The british governmentfeared the conflict between colonists and Native Americans would lead to another war. They also coukld not afford to pay British troops to defend the Western lands.Colonists were enraged by this proclamation because they felt they had won the right to settle in the Ohio River Valley after winning the French and Indian War.
  • quartering act

    The Quartering act said that colonists had to let British soldiers stay in their homes. The colonists were also required to supply the soldiers with food, blankets, and anything else they needed. This really angered the colonists.
  • stamp act

    The stamp act was the act that required any document or paperwork to have a stamp on it before it was published or mailed. The colonists were upsetted bythis because they needed to have their documents approved before they could share it.
  • townshend acts

    the townshend acts were the acts that declared that the colonists payed unnecessary taxes and allowed the British soldiers to stay in their houses and be supplied with anything they needed.