US history

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    US history

  • lost colony

    lost colony
    Sir Walter Raleigh found Roanoke on Ropanoke island which was known as the lost colony because all the settlers just vanished in1590.
  • Jamestown

    Captin John Smith landed his ships on the virginia coast starting the first permant colony in the new world.
  • first black labors

    first black labors
    first indentured servents brought to james town.
  • house of burgesses

    house of burgesses
    First representitive assembly in the new world in jamestown VA
  • Pilgrams

    puritans left plymoth and reached cape cod nov. 19 and landed with 103 passengers.
  • Rohde island found

    Rohde island found
    Roger willams founded Providence Rhode island in june with seperation from church.
  • navigation Act

    navigation Act
    british parlimant passed the navigation act reulating english commerce.
  • The burning

    The burning
    nathaniel bacon led planters against autocratic british gov and burned james town the rebellion collapsed when bacon died
  • treaty

    willam penn sighned treaty with the indians and made payment for pennsylvania lands.
  • witch trial

    witch trial
    the witch craft delusion at salem 20 alleged witches executed an speical court.
  • poor richards almanack

    poor richards almanack
    Benhjamin franklin published the first poor richards almanack.
  • john peter zenger

    john peter zenger
    zenger was aquitted of libel in new your after criticizing the british goveners conduct
  • french and indian war

    french and indian war
    the french and indian war began when the french occupied ft duquesene the the britished captued quebec and move the french to nova scotia
  • sugar act

    sugar act
    placed duties on lumber,foodstuff,molasses and rum in colonies to pay war debts
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    required revenu stamps to fund troops
  • quartering act

    quartering act
    required colists to house troops any time
  • town shend acts

    town shend acts
    levied taxes on glass printers lead paper and tea.
  • boston massacre

    boston massacre
    british troops fire into bosron mob killing 5 people includin crispus attucks
  • boston tea party

    boston tea party
    the boston tea party was a protest where the sons of liberty boarded a ship dressed as iniads and through of 14 crates of brithish cargo.
  • intolerable acts

    intolerable acts
    british rule took away self rule until tea was paid for from boston tea party
  • lexington&concord

    the first battle of th revelution had begun over 278 casualties were took by the british
  • commen sense

    commen sense
    thomas pain wrote his novel that inspired colonists to fight for indipendence