U.S his

By mpj5206
  • Period: Aug 3, 1492 to

    colombls found America

    colombls found America
  • Broke away from Briten

    Broke away from Briten and mad a contrie because we waqnted to be free from relegen
  • The U.S. Constitution is written

    The U.S. Constitution is written.
  • Frist Preident

  • Bill of Rights ratified

    It seid all of your rights like the free of speech andthe free of relegin
  • U.S. slave trade with Africa ends

    U.S. slave trade with Africa ends and it started becuse americas are fat and lazy
  • The War of 1812

    The war of 1812 begins
  • The great depreshion

    The great depreshion lot of people were homless and the econame was down and boy live on the street and barly making it past the day without starveing
  • WWII

  • 9/11

    two planes got solen from osama bin ladens people that he brain washed and hit the world traid center and killed 3000 people and my dad was apost to be in the bilding that daybut his boss seid he didnt have to go