U.S. Civil War Timeline rough draft

  • Underground Railroad

    This was a network of many people, that helped over 100,000 slaved exscape from there owners, over a 40 year spand.
  • Florida secedes

    Florida secedes from the Union, this encouraged others to do the same.
  • FIrst Shot

    Place- Fort Sumter at 4:30 a.m.
  • Battle of Bull Run

    Place- Virgina Counrtyside
    Perpose- Federals wanted to capture railroads to carry soldiers to Richman
    Confederates 1,982
  • Gettysburg Adress

    Given by Abraham Lincoln.
    considered one of the greatest peeches of all time.
    States the importace of human rights and freedom.
  • General Lee

    Place- Appomattox
    reason- General Lee surrneders to the Union and ends the civil war.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham was the President during the Civil War. He is known for being a major part of helping keep the Union together and also helped free slaves. He was assassinated on April 14, 1865.